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Pittsburgh’s “Secret” Housing Type: Patio Homes

Patio in Pittsburgh, PA

Whether you’re new to Pittsburgh or are more familiar with the area, you may not know about the unique housing options available — patio homes. That’s because the local listing search criteria doesn’t have “patio home” set aside as a home search feature.

So if you’re interested in a townhome, side-by-side duplex, or cluster home, you may be interested in a Pittsburgh patio home. Here’s what you should know about this “secret” housing type.

What’s a Patio Home?

Instead of having a traditional backyard with grass and landscape that you have to maintain by yourself, Pittsburgh patio homes have — you guessed it — patios.

The advantage to having a patio is that you don’t have to devote your time and energy into landscaping your yard. It’s already provided through a homeowners association. You don’t have to cut your grass, lay down mulch, trim the hedges, or do any of the exterior maintenance on your home.

How Does a Townhome Differ from a Patio Home?

In a way, patio homes are similar to townhomes. These homes are low-maintenance and offer a comfortable living arrangement for Pittsburgh residents.

But patio homes are less narrow than townhomes and have fewer stairs inside. And these residences only have a few units attached  — typically, patio homes are laid out in a side-by-side duplex style, row style, or quad back-to-back style.

Pittsburgh Skyline

Pittsburgh’s Cluster Home Neighborhoods

Patio homes, also called cluster homes or carriage homes, are hard to search for in the West Penn MLS. Instead, you can search for a patio home within Allegheny and Washington County neighborhood developments:

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Discover plenty of Pittsburgh area neighborhoods offering patio homes for sale on our website.

Common Features in Pittsburgh Patio Homes

Despite having a search criteria, patio homes share common features which you can search for, including:

  • low to no maintenance
  • open floor plans
  • properties without basements
  • 1st floor master bedrooms
  • separated bedrooms and main living areas
  • 1.5 stories with upstairs guest bedroom

Interested in Buying or Selling a Patio Home?

The Blonar Team specializes in Pittsburgh patio homes. Not only do we know the area well and can help you find and purchase a patio home, we also know people who are searching for low-maintenance housing who would be interested in your patio home for sale.

Contact us at 724-942-1200 or to talk with us about buying or selling your patio home.

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