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How To Save Thousands Of Dollars With Your FSBO Home Sale

We get it: You want more money in your pocket, and you want to avoid those pesky Realtor commissions and fees. For Sale By Owner, or FSBO, seems like a tempting way to go.

Be Prepared: Home Selling Is Incredibly Complex

Home selling isn’t a walk in the park. A real estate transaction is full of moving parts that can easily get lost or fall through the cracks. But if you’re prepared to put in the time, money, and effort, we’ll show you how to go FSBO.

It’s Not Just About Knowing the Real Estate Market

A calculator next to a line graph.Researching current listing activity, past property sales, and market stats in Greater Pittsburgh will tell you a lot. Understanding the market will help you set the price for your property and know which home improvements are worth the investment.

There are even free home selling apps and Greater Pittsburgh market reports that will help you do this.

However, being market-savvy isn’t the only way to earn more money on your FSBO home sale. You also have to know how to present your property so buyers will be begging you for a showing.

Landscaping and Interior Design

Most homeowners overlook a crucial part of home prep, so be sure to tackle the clutter as soon as you decide to sell your home yourself. After you’ve cleaned and decluttered your entire home (as well as fixed any maintenance issues), focus on value-boosting home improvements that will show off your home’s best features.

The back of a large patio home with beautiful landscaping.Don’t forget to trim the lawn and keep it maintained the entire time you’re trying to sell. This can be incredibly time-consuming, so you may want to consider hiring a professional landscaper.

As for interior design, rearrange your furniture and paint the walls so that each room looks spacious, well lit, and up to date with home design trends. Your home should look this way while you are taking photos and during the entire time your home is available for sale.

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing

Your marketing will make or break your home sale. Since most buyers search for properties online, you will want to consider listing your home on the MLS — where buyers all around the Greater Pittsburgh area can find information about your home.

A professional camera against a white background.Don’t want to spend money to list your home on the MLS? You can still market your home, but your reach will be limited to local buyers. In addition, you will need to put in a lot of work to capture the attention of these buyers. Start by:

  • taking high-quality photos for brochures and social media posts
  • advertising your property in local newspapers
  • reaching out to friends and neighbors to spread the word
  • placing highly visible “For Sale” signs in your yard

We Haven’t Even Scratched the Surface

As a FSBO home seller, you’ll have to wear many hats: expert negotiator, attorney, professional photographer, property appraiser, graphic designer, home financing guru, security guard… the list could go on.

Check out our FSBO home selling guide to learn what else you’ll have to do if you skip hiring a real estate agent. Be sure to avoid these FSBO home selling mistakes, as well.

The Right Realtor Will Save You Money

Two people sitting at a table and discussing business matters over coffee.A real estate agent does much more than list your property. He or she will work in your best interests, provide you with the resources you need, price your home to attract as many buyers as possible, and assist you with all of the details (especially if you are facing an estate sale).

We’re more than happy to talk about selling your home in Greater Pittsburgh. Give us a call at 724-344-4795.

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